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Why should I join?

DB2 professionals who establish a WDUG  account will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Access to 'Members Only' content on the website, including:
    • All presentation materials from past WDUG member meetings
    • Access to Forums where you can communicate with other WDUG members
    • Access to the Jobs Posting page on the WDUG website
  1. Discounted meeting fees (potentially a $40 per year savings!)
  1. Access to special giveaways, like free passes to IDUG NA.
We are always open to suggestions - and the new website makes it easy to contact us!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash or check.  You may mail payment of your membership dues or event registration fees to:


PO Box 488

Madison, WI 53701

Or you may pay in person at any of our tri-annual meetings in March, June or September.

If you mail your payment, please ensure that it arrives by the Friday prior to any meeting.  This way we can ensure that your account is properly credited for any meeting you attend.

We are looking into accepting payment via credit card, either online or the day of member meetings.  If you would find this beneficial, please reach out to a board member to express your support.

What does it cost to become a member?

Annual membership provides the lowest per meeting cost.

Annual Membership fee - $50 

Per meeting fee - $10 

Total for all three meetings - 

($50 + $30 = $80) per year.

Non-member meeting fees:

Per meeting fee - $40 

Total for all three meetings 

($40 x 3 = $120) per year.

The membership year begins in August and runs through the following July. 

Is lunch included in my membership fees?

Lunch at most meetings is 'on your own'.  Many of our meeting locations have cafeteria facilities on site.  There is generally also a variety of alternate eating choices within easy driving distance.  

For the last meeting of each membership year (June), WDUG sponsors a subsidized lunch for members. 

Some vendors offer a sponsorship for a 'lunch and learn' session, where they provide for the cost of a meal and are able to present on their specific product.  WDUG does not allow 'sales' type presentations during the member meetings. 

More information for each specific meeting can be found in the newsletter, or in the details for each upcoming event!

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