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Name and Location

The Wisconsin DB2 Users’ Group meets triannually (March, June, & September) at various locations in the vicinity of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

What the world should know about us.

WDUG is a non-profit organization run by users of the IBM DB2 family of products to promote education and foster communication of DB2 related information to local IT Professionals. All meeting presentations are technical in nature.

Mission, Objectives and Operation

WDUG was established to:

Ø       Provide a channel for the education and communication of DB2 related information to and from members in the field of information processing.

Ø       Conduct Special Events, meetings, discussion groups, panels, and other programs concerned with the development and exchange of DB2 related information among members.

Ø       Encourage the development of DB2 compatible products.

Ø       Encourage networking and sharing of information and best practices among members of the local DB2 community. 

The WDUG website is maintained by the Wisconsin DB2 User’s Group to provide a mechanism for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and communication between members.


WDUG was founded in 1991.  Our meetings originally featured presentations related only to DB2 on the mainframe. Today, each quarterly meeting provides full day of education for both DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for LUW. Meetings has attracted up to 80 attendees or more. 

WDUG has promoted Special Events:

Ø       Spring is reserved for DB2 LUW.  In 2009, WDUG host Melanie Stopfer from IBM. Melanie was selected as a Top Ten Speaker at IDUG 2007 and IDUG Europe 2007. 

Ø       Fall is reserved for DB2 z/OS.  In 2008, IBM presented a  Data Studio and Optimization Service Center one-day seminar that gave real-world tips and techniques pertaining to set up and usage.

Since all meeting presentations must be technical in nature without promoting vendor products, WDUG recently started a ‘Lunch and Learn’ program.  At most quarterly meetings our sponsors have an opportunity to present their products during the lunch break - they provide the lunch and demonstrate their products to those meeting attendees who choose to participate.

WDUG continues to draw nationally known DB2 speakers such as Craig Mullins, Bonnie Baker, Scott Hayes, Dave Beulke, Sheryl Larsen, Willie Favero, Terry Purcell, etc… and their participation is greatly appreciated. The sharing of DB2 experiences and knowledge contributes to the continued success of our Wisconsin DB2 Users Group.

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Any questions, please contact a WDUG Board Member.